About ETF

Emerging technology will soon be all pervasive, and will reshape markets and societies.  Its promise is unlimited, but only if managed well. Unlocking its potential requires an agile governance – one that can pre-empt risks, protect the vulnerable, and preserve innovation. The Emerging Technology Forum is a multi-stakeholder community which aims to build state capacity, enhance societal awareness, and engage with industry towards this.


Guiding Pillars

  • Pre-empt Risks

    • Isolate user harms linked to emerging technology in digital markets
    • Create mechanisms to understand and trace such harms
    • Test and design industry standards and practices to reduce or eliminate harms
  • Protect the Vulnerable

    • Identify users most susceptible to risks from emerging technology
    • Collaborate on roadmaps to develop inclusive, open, accountable digital markets
    • Tailor context-appropriate interventions to build public trust
  • Preserve Innovation

    • Illustrate impactful use cases of emerging digital technology
    • Curate and bolster supervision capacity to incubate such technology
    • Transfer knowledge on best-practices to foster responsible innovation