Vision Statement

Institutions, law, and society at large have found it difficult to adapt to changes brought about by technological developments. Technology’s march of progress has not led to corresponding gains for society. As technology becomes more pervasive, immersive, and complex, it is important to create processes and safeguards to maximize societal gains from innovation and mitigate risks before they amplify. Online safety and consumer trust are of categorical importance to unlock the potential technological innovation holds for the Indian economy and ecology.

Our society deploys a comprehensive approach to harmonize facets like consumer welfare, economic freedom, environmental protection, user safety, and supervisory capabilities. Our core objective is to find a symbiosis between public and private enterprise, and consumer and regulatory confidence and trust in the digital realm. Our view is that such an approach would aid the country to move in a sustainable direction.


  • To develop Holistic thought on existing and emerging technology and identify the various intersections of technology and society.
  • To enable and curate Context-appropriate, Future-oriented research on the impact of technological shifts on society, and the scope of opportunities and challenges thereof.
  • To situate Resilience and Sustainability at the centre of debates and discussions on emerging technology through informed Thought Leadership.
  • To collaborate with domain experts and industry practitioners to anticipate concerns that may emerge from new technological solutions and create a mechanism for Continuous Evaluation, Oversight and Supervision.
  • To ensure that all of society benefits from Technological Innovation by developing norms or practices that enhance Diversity, Inclusiveness, and Accessibility by supporting Novel Initiatives and research agendas.
  • To collaborate with domain experts, industry practitioners, and other stakeholders to identify norms and processes to enhance Diversity, Inclusiveness and Accessibility in existing and emerging technologies.
  • To engender Confidence and Trust in technology and its use-cases through norms, behaviours, and responsibilities, and institutionalise processes for Continuous Evaluation and Seamless Compliance.
  • To conduct Consumer awareness and Knowledge Sharing sessions on the benefits, advantages, harms, and risks of technology and its use-cases to foster Public Trust.
  • To promote the development of standards that situate Consumer and Market Welfare at the core of Technological Innovation.
  • To foster Regulatory Capacity to address existing and emerging technologies in an Agile and Responsive manner through a Principle-based and Collaborative approach.
  • To foster Clarity, Certainty, and Dynamism in regulatory responses to technological developments through Research, Consensus-Building, and Multistakeholderism.
  • To ground and justify regulatory actions in Proportionality, and Constitutionality by evaluating the impact of technology and regulation on Fundamental Rights and India’s Political, Economic, and Socio-cultural interests.
  • To engage with policymakers and other stakeholders to ensure that the creation and use of technology is Development oriented and in line with Public Interest.
  • To promote an Open, Transparent, and Accountable Internet, by creating standards and processes that Safeguard Socio-economic and Civil and Political Rights through rigorous research and continuous collaboration.
  • To curate events and discussions on the future of technology and society and encourage the Knowledge Sharing between relevant stakeholders and create research networks and Cross-cutting Collaborations to stimulate the generation of research ideas.
  • To harmonize Multifaceted Perspectives and Approaches to technology and society, review comparable practices around the world and evolve an Informed Community of policymakers and citizens.
  • To develop marquee events for the Incubation, Production, Exchange, and Distribution of Reliable Knowledge on areas at the intersection of technology, society, and culture and transform into a Prominent Global Platform for Novel Insights on technology and its impact on society.